Director’s Letter

Dear Parents,

After ten wonderful years of building the Chinese with Meggie Language School and community, we are happy to offer an innovative full-day pre-k, kindergarten and lower elementary Little Tiger Chinese Immersion Program.

What is Little Tiger?

Like classes at CWM, Little Tiger is a full Chinese immersion program, meaning that all activities and lessons are conducted in Chinese. Little Tiger Program is for students aged 3-8 years old (pre-k, kinder and lower elementary program); students do not need to have any prior to exposure to the Chinese language to enroll. Children attend 4/5 days per week, Monday through Thursday/Friday, from 8:30 am to 3:30pm. For students who require after-school and Friday care, children may enroll in additional programs.

What are the beliefs and goals of that guide Little Tiger Program?

In keeping with CWM’s core philosophy, our teachers strive to create a fun, creative, interactive, and challenging environment in which children can flourish physically, socially and cognitively. We also aim to help students develop key traits including creativityindependence, confidence, tolerance, and respect.

This program, unique in the Austin-area, allows for sustained, daily exposure to the Chinese language. One central goal is for students to become fluent in Chinese through a thematic and content-based curriculum. This means that, in addition to working on language skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing, we also address other kinds of learning typically covered in pre-k and kindergarten programs. These include language arts, math, science, art, practical life, and physical education. We also place a great emphasis on creative play.

What are some benefits of learning a foreign language at a young age?

As language instructors, we are deep believers in the benefits of learning a foreign language from an early age. Young children have a natural ability to absorb language with an ease that no adult could hope to match. Contemporary scientific studies show, in case after case, the benefits that learning a second (or third) language has on a child’s cognitive development.

We also believe that exposure to foreign language and cultural practices is particularly valuable to our students, who learn from an early age to be open-minded, tolerant, respectful, and inclusive. Such preparation is vital in a world where educational, professional, and social opportunities are increasingly intercultural.

If our vision for Little Tiger Program excites you, we look forward to hearing from you.

Jiao Li, Director of Little Tiger Program
Meggie Chou, Founder/Director of Chinese with Meggie