Little Tiger Chinese Immersion School

Pre-K Through Fifth Grade School in Austin, Texas


What is Little Tiger?

Little Tiger is Chinese immersion school located in Austin, Texas. Our students range from pre-k2 through 5th grade.

As an immersion school (as opposed to a dual language school) our students are immersed in the Chinese language in a way that fosters native-like language acquisition.

As a result, our students develop exceptional communication skills in both Chinese and English, while also exploring a full range of subject areas including math, science, social studies, language arts, visual arts, music, and PE.

Who is Little Tiger?

Little Tiger consists of 100+ beloved students, 20+ committed teachers and administrators, and an engaged parent community.

Little Tiger is highly diverse, with over 14 different languages spoken in our students’ households. A shared commitment to Chinese immersion and progressive education unites the school’s families and educators.

What beliefs and goals guide Little Tiger?

Our teachers strive to create a fun, creative, and engaging environment in which children can flourish. In addition to supporting each child’s academic and linguistic growth, we aim to cultivate essential qualities such as creativity, independence, confidence, tolerance, and respect.

What are some benefits of learning a foreign language at a young age?

We are deep believers in the benefits of learning a foreign language from an early age. Young children have a natural ability to absorb language with an ease that no adult could hope to match. Research shows, in case after case, the benefits that learning a second (or third) language has on a person’s cognitive development.

We also believe that exposure to multiple languages and diverse cultural practices is particularly valuable to our students, who learn from an early age to be open-minded, tolerant, respectful, and inclusive. Such preparation is vital in a world where educational, professional, and social opportunities are increasingly intercultural.