Little Tiger History and Philosophy

Our History

Little Tiger Chinese Immersion School grew out of our work at Chinese with Meggie Language School. After ten years of building a wonderful community of Chinese language learners, we launched Little Tiger in 2015. Little Tiger now encompasses Pre-K3 through 5th Grade. Our community includes 15 wonderful teachers and roughly 60 students.

Our Goals and Beliefs

At Little Tiger, our teachers strive to create a fun, engaging environment where children can flourish, developing their creativityindependence, and confidence alongside strong academic and language skills.

We believe deeply in the benefits of learning a foreign language from an early age. An abundance of research demonstrates that learning a second (or third) language has a substantial impact on a child’s cognitive development. Children have a natural ability to absorb language that no adult could hope to match, and our teachers are highly experienced in guiding children through the language acquisition process.

We also believe that exposure to foreign language and cultural practices is particularly valuable to our students, who learn from an early age to be open-minded, tolerant, respectful, and inclusive. Such preparation is vital in a world where educational, professional, and social opportunities are increasingly intercultural.

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Diversity at Little Tiger

We are fortunate and proud that our school attracts a diverse community of families who are drawn together by a desire to provide their child the kind of unique educational opportunities we offer. Though a small community, we count more than 10 different native languages among our families. We believe that such a multicultural environment is a benefit to our students, who learn to appreciate and value one another’s uniqueness from an early age.