Little Tiger Chinese Immersion School

Preschool Through Elementary School in Austin, Texas


Little Tiger Summer Camp 2024 Open for Registration!

Dear Parents,

Thanks for your interest in the Little Tiger Chinese Immersion School.

Little Tiger is an independent elementary school located in Austin, Texas. Little Tiger was founded in 2015 as a companion to Chinese with Meggie, a language school founded 10 years earlier by our Head of School.

Our approach to language immersion draws on our decades of experience in Chinese language education. In addition to emphasizing Chinese, our goal at Little Tiger is to help each child flourish physically, socially, emotionally, and academically.

Little Tiger has been fortunate to attract a highly diverse community of families who share a commitment to Chinese immersion education and the school’s “whole child” approach.

If our vision excites you, please be in touch. We’re always happy to hear from new families, and we welcome an opportunity to visit with you at our campus.


Jiao Li, Director
Meggie Chou, Founder and Head of School