Little Tiger Chinese Immersion School

Preschool Through Elementary School in Austin, Texas


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Chinese Literacy

One of our core goals is for every student to achieve very high levels of Chinese proficiency. Our immersive approach follows a natural sequence that mimics the way in which we learn our first language: listening, then speaking, then reading and writing. At Little Tiger, students are not just learning colors, numbers, and phrases; they are learning to think in Chinese.

Story time in our kindergarten classroom

Oral Fluency

After one semester, a young child can typically comprehend daily communications and begin to respond using simple phrases. After one year, they can initiate conversation and express more complex thoughts. By elementary, not only are our students proficient in “social language,” they are also developing “academic language” and literacy skills.

Grade 4 students presenting their computer science projects

Reading & Writing

Students are first exposed to Chinese characters in our Pre-K classrooms. Many are captivated by the visual qualities of the characters, pattern matching and developing connections between characters, pictures, meanings, and sounds. Our unique reading curriculum allows our students to develop a strong foundation with sophisticated vocabularies. This lays the groundwork for the elementary grades, when children read fables, stories, and chapter books.

Our approach to writing emphasizes playfulness and engagement. From creative writing to persuasive short essays, our students develop the literacy building blocks that empower them to communicate clearly and express creatively. Our Chinese writing curriculum is developed in coordination with the English curriculum, allowing skills learned in one language to transfer to another as students advance simultaneously in both languages.

Beyond the Classroom

Beyond academic achievements, Little Tiger strives for our students to connect their learning to the world outside of school. See how our students go beyond the classroom, including a capstone trip to Taiwan.