Little Tiger Chinese Immersion School

Preschool Through Elementary School in Austin, Texas


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English Literacy

While Little Tiger is a full Chinese immersion school, English Language Arts instruction is an important part of the curriculum starting in kindergarten. The goal of our ELA program is to ensure that all children are well prepared to transition into an English language learning environment later on in their education.

Learning to Read with Phonics

With a phonics-based curriculum, students learn to blend and decode words by the end of Kindergarten. Starting in 1st grade, they focus on grammar, spelling, and other higher-order reading and writing skills.

Transferable Literacy Skills

Our unique curriculum helps students develop literacy skills in both languages simultaneously. While Chinese and English differ in various ways, many literacy skills, such as comprehension and analysis, are common and transferable.

Parent Workshops for Home Support

Preschool parents are invited to join our workshops, packed with resource recommendations and demo lessons, to learn how they can support their child’s reading milestones at home.

After-School English Enrichment

A variety of after-school clubs offer opportunities to enhance English language development. Some examples include Book Club, Theater, Newspaper Club, Phonics, and Language Lab.